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Who would buy suburban retail in today’s retail world? New market would….AND MORE

Who Would Buy Suburban Retail In Today’s Retail World? New Market Would, By Jarred Schenke, Bisnow “The retail investment arm of Atlanta-based Preferred Apartment Communities…

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Department Stores Cling to Power Over Landlords on Mall Upgrades

Malls’ REAs and their Effect on Developers Today 9/25/17 Hartman Simons’ Ryan Rivera discusses malls’ REAs and their effect on developers today. Department stores and retail…

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The End of LIBOR

LIBOR, or the London Interbank Offered Rate, is the market standard for pricing financial assets, including credit cards, syndicated loans, and swaps and other derivatives,…

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GPS for Buildings: Wayfinding Technology is Making its Way Indoors…AND MORE

GPS For Buildings: Wayfinding Technology Is Making Its Way Indoors, By Lara O’Keefe, Bisnow “New technology is making it easier to navigate large buildings and interior…

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The American Mall is Still Thriving as the Cornerstone of American Retail…AND MORE

To Remain The ‘Cornerstone of American Retail,’ Malls Should Pursue These Tenants By Lara O’Keefe, Bisnow  “As American malls are forced to adapt in response to…

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Multifamily REITs Pour Money into New Development…AND MORE

Multifamily REITs Pour Money into New Development By Bendix Anderson, National Real Estate Investor “Multifamily REITs have continued to buy land and entitle new deals instead…

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Stormwater Risks and Liabilities

Stormwater Risks and Liabilities Preventative Steps to Protect Engineers and Contractors From a Flood of Complaints Sam Arden and Irene Vander Els Stormwater Management is an…

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