Wed 09/ 20/ 17

Stormwater Management with Sam Arden & Irene Vander Els

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  Hartman Simons' Sam Arden and Irene Vander Els discuss stormwater detention ponds and how it may affect you. Our team’s expertise includes staying abreast of and advising clients regarding changes in statutes, regulations, agency and municipal policies, and case law which impact stormwater, soil erosion, and sedimentation control. Prior to and during the development [...]

Fri 09/ 1/ 17

Stormwater Risks and Liabilities

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Stormwater Risks and Liabilities Preventative Steps to Protect Engineers and Contractors From a Flood of Complaints  Sam Arden and Irene Vander Els  Stormwater Management is an essential part of real property development. Unfortunately, certain activities can expose engineers and contractors to potential liability if the site work results in erosion, runoff, or sedimentation that impacts [...]