February 15, 2013

Four on Friday: New Hartman Simons Partner Jill Prussack

PrussackWe here at Hartman Simons were thrilled to
announce that veteran litigator Jill Prussack is joining our firm as a partner
In today’s Four on Friday, we pose four questions to Jill about her career and
hobbies. You may be surprised to learn that we now have a classic-rock
performer in our firm. Read on for the details …

On what areas will your practice at
Hartman Simons focus? 

Prussack: My practice over the past few years has
centered largely around creditors’ rights and all areas of real-estate
litigation. However, I still handle a wide variety of general business
litigation and expect those matters to increase as the economy improves.

Give us an overview of your legal career
before joining Hartman Simons. 

Prussack: I began my practice in 1994 at Roberts,
Isaf & Summers (now known as McGuire Woods). After my second child was
born, I spent one year teaching business law and ethics at Georgia State before
moving to Jackson, Miss., where I joined McGlinchey Stafford PLLC as an
associate. Upon moving back to Atlanta, I joined Schulten Ward & Turner LLP
and practiced business litigation there for the past 11 years.

What inspired you to become a lawyer, and
what do you most enjoy about the profession?

Prussack: I worked at General Electric prior to
attending law school, but when I left that job, I recalled fondly the hours
spent debating with the law-school students who shared our dorm’s study hall my
sophomore year. I had always been good at arguing (ask my parents) and combining
that with my Leo personality, I figured litigation was a logical career choice.
I have never looked back. My favorite moments are spent in court, but a close
second is formulating the strategy and the arguments to support my position.

How do you like to spend your time away
from the office – what are some of your hobbies?

Prussack: My husband of 18 years, Andy, and I
really enjoy hiking and boating in Blue Ridge, Ga., when we can’t hike in
places like Peru. We hiked 40 miles in six days in Peru to celebrate his 50th
birthday, and we hope to convince our teenaged son and daughter to hike
there with us some day.

I also have been
singing in a mostly classic rock cover band for the past nine years. Our glory
days included gigs at Fuzzy’s and the opening ceremonies for the Special Olympics, but now
we just mostly do occasional charity gigs and private parties.

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