August 17, 2012

Four on Friday: Peter Edelmann of EWB Development

Peter Edelmann ewb developmentAs a principal of EWB Development, Peter Edelmann is in the middle of one of commercial real estate’s thriving segments: outlet malls. The Essex, Vt.-based firm provides a range of third-party services to the outlet industry.

We recently got a chance to chat with Edelmann about his company, the outlet market as a whole and his take on one of history’s most important questions.

HS: Give us an overview of the kinds of services that EWB Development provides and the kind of properties the firm works on.

Edelmann: EWB Development is the largest third-party provider of leasing, marketing and development consultation services in the outlet mall industry. We primarily work on marketing and leasing contracts, but we also have participated in or directed the development of more than 50 outlet centers in the United States, Canada and Europe.

Our clients include: Federal Realty Investment Trust, DDR and Tejon Ranch/Rockefeller Group.

HS: Give us your assessment of how the outlet mall sector has performed in recent years and how you think it will perform in the future.

Edelmann: Outlets do well in good times and even better in bad times. This sector is flourishing with many traditional retail developers looking to enter the field.

HS: What's the most fulfilling aspect of your job?

Edelmann: Seeing a project come out of the ground or, in the case of a troubled project, seeing it turn around.

HS: Time for the most important question. On the issue of perhaps the greatest debate of all time, where do you fall: Are you a Beatles or a Rolling Stones man? 

Edelmann: Back then, Stones. Today, the Beatles.

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