December 21, 2015

Hartman Simons’ Partner, Ryan Rivera, Highlights Key Considerations in Negotiating Commercial Real Estate Lease and Sales Contracts on the Commercial Real Estate Show.

Ryan Rivera Photo 1Ryan presented from the tenant’s perspective during the nationally syndicated radio show, although he represents both landlords and tenants at Hartman Simons. The point-counterpoint discussion provided an insightful analysis on negotiation strategies for mitigating risk in commercial real estate leases. The panel provided practical pointers for landlord and tenant representatives to consider, as well as suggestions for resolving disparate positions on key terms, including personal and corporate guarantees, co-tenancy, renewal options and self-help clauses. 

The four main questions serving as the springboard for the lively discussion were:

• What alternatives strategies should be considered when negotiating personal and corporate guaranties from a tenant?

• What co-tenancy protection provisions should be considered from the perspective of tenant and landlord?

• What viable compromise alternatives are available concerning tenant renewal options?

• How can attorneys for tenants and landlords resolve differing perspectives on self-help term rights?


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