Hartman Simons & Wood LLP handles the acquisition and disposition of commercial real estate projects of all sizes as well as complex, multi-project, and portfolio transactions.  Our knowledgeable group of commercial real estate attorneys can swiftly and efficiently execute deals across a spectrum of complexity and geography.

Our firm’s clients include:

  • Developers
  • Financial Institutions
  • Insurance Companies
  • Individual Investors
  • Landlords
  • Tenants
  • Operators
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts


Hartman Simons & Wood LLP represents both investors and developers engaged in the development and leasing of the following types of real estate projects:

  • Office
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Multi-family

Our attorneys have been directly involved in handling all legal aspects for the development or redevelopment of more than 20 million square feet of commercial real estate projects through the United States.


Developers, investors, owners and lenders all look to Hartman Simons & Wood LLP for financing expertise. The lending market is a competitive arena, with a variety of financing methods available to borrowers. Our attorneys have extensive experience and are extremely well-informed about commercial real estate financing.

We advise our clients of the many different options for financing a project that is best for them, including:

  • Venture Capital
  • Equity Investments
  • Special Opportunity Investments
  • Mezzanine Loans
  • Structured Finance
  • Recapitalization
  • Restructuring of Properties and Entities


Hartman Simons & Wood LLP represents both landlords and tenants in the facilitation and execution of commercial leases. We understand the complexities of lease negotiations from both the landlord and tenant perspectives. Our decades of experience in commercial real estate give us a broad base from which to develop strategies for overcoming challenges and finalizing the deal. Our team’s methodology also drives us to operate in the most efficient and sensible manner possible,—to ensure that our clients do not miss out on favorable leasing opportunities.


We are acutely aware that the most efficient resolution for an asset in default is not litigation or bankruptcy.  Instead, when it makes sense for our clients, we pursue negotiated, voluntary settlements that protect their portfolios.

Our team facilitates credit workouts of all sizes and levels of complexity.  We work with projects as small as single-asset real estate and commercial loans all the way up to complex deals involving multi-bank credits to major national real estate and operating companies.  The workouts we assemble vary from traditional economic restructurings or collateral recovery to liquidation workouts or prepackaged bankruptcy plans.