August 28, 2015

2015 NCAAF Season Predictions

Last Friday, Joe Vickers of S.J. Collins (SJC) Enterprises shared his predictions for the top five NCAAF teams at the end of the season. With football season just a few days away, we turned to a few of our attorneys to get their predictions on who will prevail in this season’s lineup. And by the way, after reading the analysis below, don’t be afraid to chime in with your own thoughts in the comments thread.

Jeremy CohenJeremy Cohen: My prediction is that the University of Iowa will win it all this year. Wait, never mind, I’m not Ryan. Iowa will be lucky to win seven games this year. Ohio State remains the team to beat, notwithstanding the apparent quarterback controversy. I noticed that both Georgia teams are ranked in the top 20 of the AP Poll, so that will have the folks around town excited, right up until they each lose their first game. The two teams that I root for, Michigan and Boston College, did not crack the Top 25, which comes as no surprise. I will be interested to see how Coach Harbaugh does in his first season at the helm of Maize and Blue. If Big Blue can win their first few games, it could get exciting fast in Ann Arbor.

Joe Fucile PictureJoe Fucile: I’m an SEC fan so I sort of evaluate everything based on the SEC. Everybody is looking to the big games in October and November, but I think there are two huge games in September to watch for that could send shockwaves:

Watch out for Alabama vs. Wisconsin on September 5, and Alabama vs. Ole Miss two weeks later. I predict ‘Bama will lose one of those two games.I also think those that have picked TCU to win it all are dreaming.


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