By Sharon Poland, director of business development, Hartman Simons

Streets gets new name_2 On Monday, Bob Simons took some time out of his busy schedule at ICSC to chat with Atlanta Journal-Constitution reporter, Arielle Kass, about the Streets of Buckhead project. The project, recently renamed Buckhead Atlanta, has been at a standstill since early 2009. However, things are scheduled to pick up with construction resuming by the end of the year. Kass reports that although the project is being scaled back from the originally planned “Rodeo Drive of the South,” the new owner is still keeping some of the luxury components.

See excerpt from article that appeared in yesterday’s business section of the AJC. Read full story here.

“Bob Simons, managing partner for commercial real estate firm Hartman Simons, said conversations with OliverMcMillan lead him to believe many tenants that originally joined the project will still be a part of it. Planned retailers include Vlan Cleef & Aprpels, Hermes and Brunello Cucinelli.  Simons said OliverMcMillan seems realistic about the current market. ‘It is good to see the life coming back,’ he said.”

Nice insight, Bob!