August 1, 2014

For A Commercial Property: Location Is Almost Everything

Leasing a commercial property is a serious undertaking. Mistakes can be very costly and time-consuming. Before you decide on your new location, you will want to ensure the property is a good fit for your business by looking at the availability of labor and materials, zoning and permitting rules, customer demographics, the potential for expansion and the location of your competitors. Seeking the advice of an expert commercial leasing attorney is part of sound decision making.

Examine your business requirements

Each enterprise has its specific requirements. Retail store owners want customer exposure, while factory owners need efficient shipping routes. You may wish to consider whether:

    • The space conveys the image you wish to present.
    • A pool of labor is available.
    • Your employees will have a safe and easy commute to work and a comfortable work space.
    • There is room to expand.
    • The property is zoned for your current business and any potential business diversification.
  • You will be able to efficiently manage waste processing, without encountering environmental objections.

Financial considerations

In addition to costs associated with the lease itself, you will need to consider the costs of renovations, furnishings and computer installations. But, will you be subjected to higher or lower taxes, licensing and permitting fees? And, will you be entitled to receive any government economic incentives?

Statistical resources

There is a wealth of demographic information on the Internet that can help you find the location that best serves your needs:

Bottom-line considerations

Your lease and the governing laws, rules and regulations in your area, as well as property limitations and environmental constraints, will shape your business’s future. It is wise to consult a knowledgeable attorney who focuses on commercial leasing in Atlanta who can help you make the most of your next commercial move.

Over the last 10 years, the attorneys at Hartman Simons and Wood LLP have negotiated or supervised the negotiation of thousands of commercial leases throughout the United States, covering more than 10 million square feet of industrial space — and 20 million square feet of retail space.

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