April 8, 2011

Four on Friday: Adam Schwegman

Specializing in retail leasing at Cousins Properties, Adam Schwegman agreed to chat with us about retail trends he is seeing in the Atlanta market. He also shared the inside scoop on some exciting projects keeping him busy.

This blog is part of a new series called Four on Friday. At Hartman Simons, we’re honored to have fantastic clients, partners and friends. Each Friday, we are highlighting one of these friends by asking him or her four questions, both serious and fun. AdamSchwegman_2010

HS:  What trends are you seeing in retail and how is Atlanta faring compared to other major markets in the eyes of retail chains?

AS:  In terms of trends, we are seeing measured expansion, concept tweaking and increased sales. When it comes to the Atlanta market, it really seems to be holding its own despite severe overbuilding. Projects located in historical retail nodes and around density are still showing a lot of activity. No surprise there. However, in some submarkets, I am starting to hear retailers express difficulty finding a location.

HS:  How are things going with Terminus?

AS:  Terminus is faring very well. The 100 building maintains excellent occupancy and there is only one condo remaining at 10 Terminus. (Hint hint!) 200’s leasing velocity is the best in the city and we are continuing to improve our retail mix. Be on the lookout for lots of activity at Terminus 200’s ground floor. 

HS:  What is happening with the Emory Point project?

AS:  Emory Point is going to be a fantastic project and we hope it will be a model for campus mixed–use development. The project is leasing up very well with lots of exciting national and local concepts. We are looking forward to announcing names in the near future. Stay tuned! There has not been a retail development of Emory Point’s size in that submarket in the past 20 years!

HS:  Now for the most important question. What do you expect the vibe to be at ISCS this year?

AS:  Positive! After the past three years, I think we can only go up. Last year people began to talk about expansion and I think this year we will actually be discussing specifics. Let’s just hope we remember how to!


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