October 18, 2013

Four on Friday: Andrew Boyle of EWB Development

a partner at
EWB Development, Andrew
works in
one of commercial real estate’s thriving segments: outlet malls. The Essex,
Vt.-based firm provides a range of third-party services to the outlet industry.

recently got a chance to chat with Boyle about his company, the performance of
the outlet sector and how he likes to spend his time away from the office.

Andrew BoyleHS: Give us an overview of the kinds of
services that EWB Development provides and the kind of properties the company
works on, as well as your responsibilities at the firm.

EWB Development
is the largest provider of third-party services in the outlet industry. We
provide turn-key development as well as leasing, marketing and management services.
We also have a tenant representation division. I oversee
the leasing team in conjunction with my fellow partners and also
work extensively on new business development.

HS: How is the outlet mall sector
currently performing, and how you think it will perform in the future?

Boyle: The outlet sector
is outperforming almost every other retail sector. We have by
far the smallest gross leasable area in the retail sector, and yet account for a
disproportionately high number of visits. 

For the
foreseeable future, we expect outlets to keep outperforming, as the recent
recession has changed the way people think about spending their money.

HS: What's the most fulfilling aspect of
your job?

Boyle: Signing a
lease with a tenant that is a catalyst for an entire development. 

HS: What's your favorite way to unwind
when you're away from the office?

Boyle: I have a two-year-old
son, so when I am not traveling I like to spend time with
him. Now, that’s not exactly unwinding, so seeing live music and participating
in board sports are two ways that I like to have
fun. If I am trying to completely disconnect, scuba
diving is the best way for me.

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