June 22, 2012

Four on Friday: Andy Litvak on Spin for Kids and Cycling

Summer is here and that means firm partner Andy Litvak is busy training and preparing for Spin for Kids, the annual bicycle ride that serves as a fundraiser for Camp Twin Lakes, a non-profit that runs camps throughout Georgia for children with serious illnesses, disabilities and life challenges.

A longtime cycling enthusiast, Litvak serves on the Spin for Kids Steering Committee. Hartman Simons also is a sponsor of an August party at the Sweetwater Brewery that raises awareness of Spin for Kids.

We recently got a chance to speak with Andy about Spin for Kids, the Crank It Up Party and his overall love of cycling.

AndyLitvakHS: The buildup to the October bicycling ride begins in August with the Crank It Up Party at the Sweetwater Brewery. Give us a quick preview of what's in store for party attendees and tell about us the purpose of the party. 

Litvak: The corporate kick-off party concept was created last year, and the purpose is to serve as a get-the-word-out event for Spin for Kids. Now in its seventh year, Spin for Kids exclusively benefits Camp Twin Lakes and is the camp’s largest annual fundraising event. The kick-off event’s focus is aimed at cultivating more involvement and team entries from the Atlanta corporate community – and in large part, from the Atlanta commercial real estate industry. It really stems from a grassroots philosophy and is an effort to build a bigger platform for Spin for Kids through corporate teams.

Sweetwater Brewery, which is already a major contributor to Spin for Kids and Camp Twin Lakes, has graciously agreed to host the event. All of the Sweetwater brews will be flowing, and the evening will include brewery tours, a band, a special VIP component and an overall great atmosphere with like-minded folks who are genuinely interested in sponsoring and/or participating in Spin for Kids. We had about 250 attendees last year and this year’s goal is 420 (a familiar number to many, we know). 

HS: What initially drew you to the Spin for Kids event and how has your participation grown over the years?

Litvak: Kids, cycling and camp: three wonderful things in this world. It’s real simple. After riding in Spin for Kids in 2010 and meeting the core Camp and Spin for Kids committee members and teams, I knew I had to get more involved. It just clicked.

I feel honored to have the opportunity to contribute and rally Hartman Simons behind the event. Camp Twin Lakes is improving the lives of young children who face medical challenges. I would be hard pressed to think of a more noble cause.    

HS: How long have you been an avid cycler and what do you enjoy most about the sport? 

Litvak: I’ve been riding since I could walk. Cycling has it all: the exercise, seeing the world from your bike, and the peace of mind that comes with hitting the road — minus, the road-rage-afflicted Atlanta drivers! 

I tend to ride the back or country roads to try and avoid the cars. The best part of it all is now seeing my kids ride their bikes — and the smiles on their faces as they pedal.   

HS: What are some of your other hobbies?

Litvak: Hanging out with the family and traveling.

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