We at Hartman Simons were thrilled to recently welcome first-year associate Benjamin Gordon to our firm. A graduate of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law who received his undergraduate degree from Emory University, Ben brings a wealth of smarts and energy to our firm, and we couldn’t be more excited about him joining our team.

In today’s Four on Friday, we chat with Ben about his law practice, his decision to become a lawyer, his recent immersion in comedies from the 80s and 90s, and his love of the Pittsburgh Pirates, which could make for some heated baseball talk around the water cooler as the baseball playoffs draw ever closer.

On what areas will your practice at Hartman Simons focus?

Gordon: Commercial real estate, primarily. I’ll be handling matters in the leasing, acquisition, disposition and financing of CRE projects.

What most excites you about joining the firm?

Gordon: Without question it’s the people. As an attorney, so much of your career is determined by those who train you and the practices and habits you pick up from them. I feel extremely fortunate to work with people who not only are great at what they do but are also eager to impart their wisdom to those they take on. Having an opportunity to learn and develop under their guidance is exciting, and it doesn’t hurt that they are a funny and outgoing group.

How did you decide to pursue a legal career?

Gordon: I have always enjoyed the logic and analysis that comes with the practice of law, so I had my sights set on law school from about the time I figured out that my real dream job of becoming a baseball announcer was likely not going to happen. My dad also practices commercial real estate, and I never imagined I would be doing the same thing. Once I entered law school, though, I was immediately drawn to classes in contracts and property, so I decided to pursue a career in those fields.

When you're not in the office, how do you unwind?

Gordon: Recently I’ve started watching more movies, particularly comedies from the 80s and 90s. I usually only see a handful in theaters every year, and I watch even fewer at home.

As I’ve discovered, though, many of the people at Hartman Simons are movie buffs, and, needless to say, I have some catching up to do. I’ve been told to start watching some classic Bill Murray and Chevy Chase films like “Stripes” and “Vacation” and work my way from there.

I am also a big fan of all Pittsburgh sports teams, with a real soft spot for the Pirates, who finally had a winning season last year for the first time since I was 3. They could be fighting the Braves for the final wild-card playoff spot in a few weeks, so tensions could start getting pretty high around the office.

I also enjoy running and recently completed my first marathon.