Negotiations (and some local brews) were on the agenda this past Tuesday evening when Hartman Simons partner Bob Simons judged a series of mock negotiations at the ICSC Atlanta Next Generation’s “Fight or Flight – Mock Negotiations” event at the Red Brick Brewery.

The evening featured three “bouts” of mock negotiations. Two of the bouts pitted a landlord against a tenant; the third bout featured a project manager against a general contractor.

Hartman Simons partner Ryan Rivera is a member of the Atlanta Next Generation Program Planning Committee. “We work hard to plan events that broaden the skills and perspective of our members, and Tuesday’s event at the Red Brick Brewery was a great chance for the attendees to learn more about the crucial skill of negotiating,” Rivera said. “Bob provided some very valuable insight and feedback, and I know our Next Generation members learned a lot.”

For today’s Four on Friday, we present four photos from Tuesday’s event: