Calvin Reeder is vice president of retail for Sundance Catalog, which famed actor and filmmaker Robert Redford formed in 1989 to promote the works of independent artists and craftspeople. The organization’s eclectic mix of clothing, jewelry, accessories and home decor is offered through its catalogs, its website, an outlet store in Salt Lake City and full retail stores in Colorado and California.

In today’s Four on Friday, we talk with Reeder about the company, his role in it and his favorite Redford movie.

ReederHS: Give us an overview of Sundance’s retail operations.

Reeder: Sundance Catalog will soon celebrate its 25th anniversary. Perhaps this question is best answered with our brand promise. The Sundance Catalog embraces the spirit of creativity and fosters individuality. Through the lens of the authentic, classic and casual lifestyle of Sundance, we are a leader in the thoughtful and curatorial selection of unique product that embraces creativity and independent expression across apparel, jewelry, accessories and home decor.

We take great pride in the quality product we offer to our customers. Our commitment to quality extends to the exceptional service we offer to our loyal customers.

HS: As vice president of retail at Sundance, what are your responsibilities?

Reeder: Re-launch and define an overarching retail strategy. Everything from design to roll out, from merchandising strategy to execution. It’s a very exciting challenge.

HS: You’ve worked for a number of retailers over the years, including Naartjie Kids Clothing, Harry & David and Eddie Bauer, among others. What drew you to Sundance?

Reeder: This one is easy: it’s the brand. I can’t think of a more iconic brand — it inspires creativity and forces you to get outside the box.

HS: Since Robert Redford is the founding father of Sundance, we have to ask you this: what’s your favorite Redford movie?

Reeder: Tough question. I love “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid,” “The Natural” and more, but it’s just possible that the best is yet to come.