June 10, 2011

Four on Friday: Charlie Hendon

Most of you probably know that in addition to having a reputation as a leader in retail real estate, Hendon properties is known for its annual party at ICSC called Hendon Rocks. See a party preview story that appeared in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in May. Charlie Hendon founded the company, a full service development, brokerage and management organization specializing in retail-oriented real estate sales, back in 1985. Charlie has been a friend of our firm for years. According to Bob Simons, Charlie loves to “play lawyer” by drafting documents and sending them over to Bob for review. A special thanks to Charlie for being a sport and participating in this week’s Four on Friday!

Musical Guests for Hendon Rocks HS: What is the backstory on Hendon Rocks?

CH: We have hosted 15 parties in the last 17 years. They started out small and the parties focused on the music. Then the parties continued to grow and get more and more involved. We did not host the party in 2010 due to the struggling economy. However, it was great to back this year and celebrate coming out of what we hope was the bottom of a recession. It was a great opportunity to get back to the basics and refocus the party on the music. This year we held Hendon Rocks in a venue called The Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino. This is actually where we hosted the party for the first five years. They have since remodeled the venue and doubled its size, but it was fun to get back “home” to where the party started.

HS: What was this year’s musical lineup?

CH: It was a fantastic line-up, if I may say so myself. The cover band playing all the hits was Band X.  The guest artists included the Rolling Stones keyboardist Chuck Leavell; .38 Special Guitarist Jeff Carlisi; Night Ranger and Damn Yankees front man Jack Blades; The Romantics lead singer Wally Palmar; guitar great Peter Stroud of Sheryl Crowe's band; and front man for Cheap Trick Robin Zander.

HS: What has been the most rewarding aspect of starting your own business?

CH: While Hendon Properties is my company and I am the leader, I don’t feel like the boss.  I am very proud of our culture that revolves around teamwork, which can be difficult to achieve in our business. I am very proud of the employees I have had through the years including my staff today. This great group of people makes Hendon Properties a great place work.

HS: Did you attend Hartman Simons party in Vegas?

CH: Of course! Some of your attorneys always joke that the Hartman Simons party is the warm-up for the Hendon party. It was a great time, as always. 


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