February 24, 2012

Four on Friday: Eitan Ovadia

Eitan Ovadia

We are thrilled to welcome associate Eitan Ovadia back to Hartman Simons. Eitan, who was with Hartman Simons from 2006 to 2008, recently returned to our firm after three years as general counsel for The RADCO Cos., a real estate development and portfolio management firm. We recently got a chance to speak with Eitan about coming back to Hartman Simons.

What will be your primary scope of work at Hartman Simons?

Ovadia: A large part of my practice will be working with Hartman Simons’ banking and investor clients to manage their loan and REO portfolios, including a fair amount of foreclosure work. I will represent clients in the acquisition of existing multifamily housing and commercial space and – if things continue to improve – the development and construction of new projects. I will also be involved in lending and leasing, as landlords begin filling shopping center vacancies, industrial warehouses and office space across the country once again.

What did you do for The RADCO Cos.?

Ovadia: It really ran the gamut. I managed the company’s acquisition and disposition of notes and multifamily developments. I negotiated disputes, financial settlements and loan workouts on behalf of the company and our clients. I assisted institutional lenders and private equity firms in navigating through an array of pre- and post-foreclosure issues, ultimately securing title to large residential developments where we would then act as a successor developer to add value for our clients.

The several opportunities I had to serve as a receiver while at RADCO also ranked among the most interesting and educational experiences I’ve had – the variety and complexity of issues never left a dull moment.

What excites you most about working at Hartman Simons?

Ovadia: The people, no doubt. If it’s possible, I think everyone associated with Hartman Simons – employees and clients, alike – seems to share a common sense of humor and positive outlook on life.  It’s great to work with such a friendly and fun-loving group.

What are some of your hobbies and interest outside of work?

Ovadia: My one year old nephew just moved back to town (with his parents, I think) and I take every opportunity I can to spend time with him. I’m forever trying to get to the gym; instead, I’m always at a new restaurant. I’m still looking for a good squash court in Atlanta and maybe a few players.

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