December 16, 2011

Four on Friday: Hartman Simons’ Holiday Bash

On Saturday, Hartman Simons employees put on their dancing shoes and boogied the night away at the firm’s holiday bash. Held at 5 Seasons Brewing Company at Prado, the entire team enjoyed a rocking collection of classic rock, dance and party tunes played by Atlanta Band Yuppie Scum. Partner Benno Rothschild, Hartman Simons’ recently elected Minister of Fun, helped Human Resources Administrator Rachelle Jones plan the holiday shindig. Rachelle agreed to answer FOUR Questions and share FOUR party pictures for this week’s Four on Friday.

HS: Why is it important for Hartman Simons to host a holiday party?

RJ: During the firm’s busiest time of the year, it is great for everyone to take an evening to relax, enjoy dinner and chat about something other than commercial real estate. Hartman Simons attorneys and staff have a great time when we all get together.

HS: Who attended?

RJ: The party was for Hartman Simons’ 56 employees and their significant others. We had great turnout with 85 attendees!

HS: Any holiday giveaways?

RJ: There were eight drawings. We gave away AmEx gift cards, restaurant certificates and movie passes with drinks. Two lucky winners even won six-month passes and three personal training sessions to Life-Long Fitness located in front of our office. Those winners could enjoy the dessert catered by Rhodes Bakery guilt free!

HS: Highlight of the evening?

RJ: It is hard to pick one, but I think the impromptu karaoke from our Director of Business Development Sharon Poland was a firm favorite.  

Summey and Rachelle  Benno & Karen Rothschild

Bob and Andy Sharon and Lori_John Kilberg

Summey Orr and Rachelle Jones









Benno and Karen Rothschild








Bob Simons and Andy Litvak









Sharon Poland, Jim Kilberg, Lori Kilberg

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