January 17, 2014

Four on Friday: Hartman Simons Managing Partner Gil Burstiner

Hartman Simons was thrilled to announce that Gil Burstiner has become the managing partner of the firm. Gil replaces Summey Orr, who had held the position since 2011 and who remains with Hartman Simons as a partner.

In today’s Four on Friday, we chat with Gil about his new responsibilities, his thoughts on the year ahead — and his prediction for the upcoming NFL playoff games.

Headshot-gilburstenerWhat do you find most exciting about your new role?

Burstiner: I think mostly just the unexpected. I’ve been here at this firm and its predecessor firm for close to 20 years, practicing law on a pretty predictable day-to-day basis. This is a completely new role that I’ll have to embrace and grow with.

Hartman Simons enjoyed a busy 2013, hiring several new lawyers as commercial real estate activity continued to recover. How do you see 2014 shaping up for the firm?

Burstiner: I suspect that we’ll continue to look for opportunistic hires as business continues to pick up for our commercial real estate, corporate and litigation practice groups. We don’t grow just to get bigger — it has always been carefully done and only where we perceive a need to do so. The increase in workflow volume last year demonstrated a need for more help, and as a result, we have a fantastic group of attorneys that joined our firm in 2013.

2014 may see another hire or two if the trend continues.

How will you balance practicing law with being managing partner?

Burstiner: Great question: I have no idea.

Seriously, though, all of us are expected to be, first and foremost, practicing attorneys. I have made it clear to the clients I work with that nothing changes: my day job is still being their lawyer.

Also, for the first time in our existence, Hartman Simons has an executive director (Suzy Creach), who is the chief administrative officer of the firm and is here to handle the day-to-day administrative duties involved in operating the firm. She has been on the job only a few brief months, but has already demonstrated her value in helping to run our shop efficiently and well. By relying on her, the other admin folks at the firm and my other partners to help me do my job, I think I’ll be ok.

On a lighter note, we know that you're a big NFL fan, specifically of the Miami Dolphins. Who do you predict will win this weekend's games, and which team do you think will go on to win the Super Bowl?

Burstiner: Well, my beloved Dolphins are out, and I am disappointed once again. My prediction is that Peyton Manning will prove to be simply too difficult to stop for the Patriots, but not good enough to beat a more talented Seattle team. Seattle takes the title.

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