November 4, 2011

Four on Friday: ICSC Law Conference

By Lori Kilberg, partner

Changing lease provisions in the new economic environment and negotiating operating covenants were among some of the hot topics discussed at the ICSC Law Conference last week in Phoenix. However, for this week’s Four on Friday I wanted to share four key takeaways and a picture of four of us enjoying a break from the seminars with a hike to the top of Camelback Mountain. I even had the pleasure of attending the conference with four of my Hartman Simons colleagues – Peter Hartman, Ken Clayman, Mark Florak and Charlie Brake. A special shout-out to Charlie who gave an excellent presentation on due diligence.

My four key takeaways:

  1. You always get more accomplished when you meet people in person. I also enjoy putting names with faces and finally meeting attorneys I have been working with.
  2. I always manage to get a lease done at the law conference.
  3. The ICSC Law Conference is a great opportunity to pick up a year’s worth of CLE credit and attend some great programs.
  4. Camelback Mountain is much more challenging than a 1.2 mile hike would indicate – especially when the climb is straight up! Check out the picture below from this memorable excursion.

Camelback Mountain
My four favorite hikers:

From left: Nancy Rendos, Macerich; Amy Nathan, GNC; me (Lori Kilberg, Hartman Simons); and Glenn Browne, Braun, Browne & Associates, PC.

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