March 7, 2014

Four on Friday: Jeff Miller of RCG Ventures

Jeff Miller RCG Ventures Hartman Simons Commercial Real Estate blogA two-decade veteran of the real estate industry, Jeff Miller currently serves as director of development for Atlanta-based RCG Ventures. In today’s Four on Friday, we talk about his firm’s focus, how he chose a career in commercial real estate and how he unwinds from the pressures of working in such a fast-paced industry.

Many thanks to Jeff for his time.

HS: Give us an overview of RCG Ventures as well as your role at the company.

Miller: RCG Ventures LLC is a privately funded real estate investment group that develops and acquires value-add real estate. RCG’s primary focus is anchored shopping centers located in secondary and tertiary markets, as well as assets in major markets that meet RCG’s investment criteria.

Currently, RCG owns approximately 70 assets in 21 states, totaling more than 7 million square feet. I run the development department, which was created three years ago.

HS: As we enter the spring, what's your overall assessment of the health of the retail real estate sector?

Miller: It depends on the market. We see markets that are incredibly tight from a space availability perspective and then we see other markets where the tenant interest level is weak. We are seeing more and more cases where tenants have been unable to get into new markets, resulting in new development.

HS: Did you ever consider a career other than one in commercial real estate, and what was it about the industry that attracted you?

Miller: My father was in real estate, so after I graduated from college and wasn't completely sure what I wanted to do, he suggested I come work with him until I figured it out. That was in 1994, and I have been in commercial real estate ever since.

HS: What do you do to relax and get away from the pressures of the job?

Miller: A lot of exercise, time with my two young boys and wife, and as much golf as I can get away with.

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