April 25, 2014

Four on Friday: Maggie Garcia of the Chateau Nightclub & Gardens in Las Vegas

Once again, Hartman Simons will be hosting a great party at the upcoming ICSC Recon conference. There will be one difference, though: we’ve changed venues this time around. This year, on Sunday, May 18, our annual bash will take place at the Chateau Nightclub & Gardens.

In today’s Four on Friday, we discuss the venue — and get some great Las Vegas tips from — Maggie Garcia, executive director of sales and catering for the Chateau. Many thanks to Maggie for her time!

Chateau Rooftop Garden Eiffel TowerHS: What are some of the things that make the Chateau a unique venue?

Garcia: Simply stated, the Chateau Nightclub & Gardens offers unparalleled outdoor experiences in Las Vegas.

We’re located at the epicenter of the city on Las Vegas Boulevard and Flamingo, positioned as the vanguard of Paris Las Vegas, so our venue is situated squarely in front of the graceful and beautiful Fountains of Bellagio with sweeping, panoramic views of the Strip.

A seat on Chateau’s outdoor Terrace or the Rooftop Garden is to have 70 percent of the Las Vegas Strip at your feet. It’s just exciting to see the Strip from this vantage point — a real-time, neon technicolor experience of Las Vegas’ past, present and future.

The Rooftop Garden is nestled directly beneath the Eiffel Tower and that experience in and of itself is pretty amazing. There are so many venues in town that boast ultra-modern finishes and cutting-edge sound and lighting, but to walk out on the deck of the Chateau’s rooftop with this huge 46-story beacon, an amber lit replica of the Eiffel Tower, looming overhead — it’s just a transformative experience. I don’t think there’s a single light fixture out there that can compete.

HS: Give us a brief overview of your career in the hospitality industry and tell us what drew you to the industry.

Garcia: I began my career in this city 15 years ago in hotel and convention sales for a prestigious AAA Five Diamond property. However, food and beverage has always been in my DNA. One of the greatest work experiences I’ve had was to work for the Maccionis at LeCirque and Circo. Their precision, quality and execution are just amazing. 

HS: Who is the most famous person you’ve seen in the Chateau?

Garcia: There’s a myriad of famous faces seen here, but I never get tired of seeing people truly enjoying themselves at the Chateau. Cocktails, dancing, and laughter: those are great things to see on regular basis. 

HS: Besides going to the Chateau, what are the things that visitors to Vegas must do while they're in the city?

Garcia: Go to the Mount Charleston/Lee Canyon area — you can leave the Strip and within 45 minutes be on skis or a snowboard making turns. The Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and the Smith Center for the Performing Arts are great too.

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