April 1, 2011

Four on Friday: Michael Morris

At Hartman Simons, we’re honored to have fantastic clients, partners and friends. Each Friday, we’ll highlight one of these friends by asking him or her four questions, both serious and fun. Michael Morris, a partner at his family’s boutique brokerage and development firm Morris Investments, agreed to be our first “victim.”  Despite the fact he refused to give a straight answer on No. 4 (see below) we enjoyed talking with him. Thanks Michael!

HS: Two of your biggest clients, Kauffman Tire and Chick-fil-A continue to expand, despite the economy. Can you explain?

MM: Retailers in the automotive sector have done very well during this economic slowdown.  Many consumers have delayed the purchase of a new car, which means they need new tires and parts for their old cars. That has been good for Kauffman who offers great service along with the tires. Kauffman's expansion plans include doubling the number of stores they have in the Atlanta area.

HS: What about restaurants? Are companies starting to expand again?

MM: Across the board, I would say yes, they are starting to expand again.  However, Chick-fil-A never really stopped expanding. Their growth continues and they are adding stores in existing and new markets. I think you can attribute their success to a great product, good management and the "extra mile" service they offer.

HS: Since Chick-fil-A is one of your clients, you must eat there a lot. What is your favorite thing on the menu?

MM: #1 combo.

HS: Who is the best golfer at Hartman Simons?

MM: Jeremy Cohen logs the most time golfing. Ken Clayman thinks he is the best golfer. That’s all I am going to say.



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