In 2004, Shannon Martin established Retail Leasing Advisors, a boutique firm specializing in retail leasing and consultation services for landlords and developers.  After working independently for a few years, Shannon asked her sister, Angie Hutson, to join the team.  Since 2007, Shannon and Angie have been working together along with their loyal clients to lease shopping centers in both good and bad economies.  They pride themselves on their long-term relationships with clients and the hard work they dedicate to each project.

Recently, Shannon and Hartman Simons business development manager, Sharon Poland, have been spending a lot of time together. The two worked as part of a team to coordinate the ICSC Political Action Committee (PAC) Party in 2010 and are looking forward to doing it again this year! (Photo below taken at Hartman Simons ICSC party. From left: Andy Salomon, Monetha Cobb, Stephanie McCall, Shannon Martin)
Shannon Martin HS: What are your clients looking for in a tenant?
SM: My clients want tenants that have experience and are going to be successful long-term.  We want tenants who will enhance our projects and complement the existing tenants.  Ultimately, tenants should benefit the community.
HS: Is this different than a few years ago?
SM:  Yes and no. We have always looked for tenants with proven track records who will add value to our centers.  However, in some cases, we are being more flexible with credit issues due to the drastic shift in the economy.  Angie and I find creative ways to better protect our clients’ interest in deals.
HS:  In today’s market, what makes a shopping center successful?
SM:  Location and tenant mix will drive a shopping center in a good or bad economy. However today, if you have two similar shopping centers in close proximity, the success often hinges on the owner’s flexibility to do deals. The market is currently being driven by people able to think outside the box.
HS: You and your sister work together.  Is that challenging?
SM:  Absolutely not.  We work very well together and our personalities complement one another.  She is a licensed agent and helps me with marketing, administration and deal making.  My hope is that she will be my business partner in the future.  Today, she works on my team and she does a terrific job raising my two nieces.