October 11, 2017

Grocery Stores and Their Opportunity To Become Retail Anchors….AND MORE

How to Increase the ROI of Today’s Grocery-Anchored Retail, By Joseph Derhake, National Real Estate Investor

“Grocery stores have an opportunity to increase ROI and become retail anchors of the future by adapting infrastructure to a rapidly changing consumer model. Commercial retail is currently in the midst of a significant downturn. But grocery stores have an opportunity to increase ROI and become retail anchors of the future by adapting infrastructure to a rapidly changing consumer model.”


Strip Malls: The Least Glamorous Segment In Retail Is Among The Sector’s Strongest Performers, By Chuck Sudo, Bisnow

“Vacancies across the nation have risen as big-box retailers and department stores announced closures and the construction of new product simultaneously slowed. But experts agree that retail real estate’s fundamentals remain strong. Mall operators continue to adapt to the changing landscape, and high-traffic, urban metro markets remain the best-performing in the sector. Lost in the conversation about retail’s bifurcation is the health of the strip mall — the under-100K SF red-headed stepsibling to luxury retail and the shopping mall.”


Forget Amazon, Says Investor Backing Brick-and-Mortar Retailers, By Beth Mellor, Bloomberg 

“It has not been a good year for traditional retailers on either side of the Atlantic. Yet multiple store closuresbankruptcies and profit warnings have created some buying opportunities in the much-maligned sector, according to the head of a $1.1 billion investment company.”


Investment Trends of Note for Advisors: Multifamily Real Estate, By Fred Kauber, National Real Estate Investor

“Favorable economic and regulatory conditions coupled with resistance to technology disruption have created potentially favorable conditions for this asset class. Multifamily real estate is an alternative investment asset class that has demonstrated meaningful interest in 2017. ”


Investors Pour into Small Markets, Drive Price Momentum, By CoStar News Staff, CoStar

“Commercial real estate investors priced out of major U.S. markets have expanded their scope to secondary and tertiary markets to find properties yielding more generous returns, a trend typical of late-inning property cycles. But the robust demand for real estate and the current cycle’s longevity set this growth period apart from past ones and suggest that smaller markets will continue to reap investment for some time. ” 


Multifamily Industry ‘Ready for Modular’, By Jennifer Castenson, Multifamily Executive

“Shortening time lines is a magical concept in construction today. Especially when those time lines are being challenged by a variety of factors, including natural disasters such as the recent wildfires and hurricanes that hit parts of the country. Trimming construction schedules was a prime objective of this year’s MFE Concept Community, which focused on new development processes to drive production efficiency and, therein, shorten construction time lines. The project’s main focus was modular construction, which the Concept Community team proved could save upward of 25% in time versus conventional construction methods.”

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