September 8, 2015

Lori Kilberg and Benno Rothschild Mentioned in ICSC’s August 2015 Issue of Value Retail News

VRNLori Kilberg and Benno Rothschild of Hartman Simons were mentioned in ICSC’s August 2015 issue of Value Retail News in the article “Law Technicality Snags Michael Kors Outlets,” touching on a guest column Kilberg and Rothschild wrote in the May 2015 issue about new challenges outlet retailers face in the wake of lawsuits.

“These lawsuits create new challenges for outlet retailers, including how, or whether, to conduct price-to-price comparisons for MFO [made for outlet] inventory,” the attorneys wrote. “Although landlords might not have the same legal concerns as tenants in these cases, they clearly have a stake in ensuring that the current system of specialized manufacturing for outlet stores remains viable. Without MFO goods, the number of brands with enough liquidation merchandise to support a chain of outlet stores would face a precipitous drop.”  

To see the full article and to read more about new challenges outlet retailers face, pick up the August issue of Value Retail News. 

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