October 10, 2013

Lori Kilberg Outlines Lease Provisions That Can Have a Surprising Impact on a Tenant’s Bottom Line

Headshot-lorikilbergHartman Simons partner Lori Kilberg has published a detailed blog on CRESA Atlanta's website that outlines the five lease provisions that can have a surprising impact on a tenant's bottom line.

Here is a key excerpt:

During negotiations, tenants have a tendency to fixate on the strict
financial terms of their leases: the monthly rent, operating expenses,
construction allowance, etc. All too often, the focus on these obvious
financial items causes a tenant to ignore other lease provisions that
can have major impact on its bottom line. For example, some of these
clauses can increase operating expenses or force a company to move out
of its space under certain circumstances, creating unproductive

To read Kilberg's entire post, click here.

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