To Remain The ‘Cornerstone of American Retail,’ Malls Should Pursue These Tenants By Lara O’Keefe, Bisnow 

“As American malls are forced to adapt in response to changing consumer preferences and the rise of e-commerce, landlords have increasingly turned to healthcare and restaurant tenants to drive traffic. A new CBRE study found that on average, department stores fill nearly half of malls’ gross leasable area with apparel, while accessories typically occupy another 29%.”


Smart Building Infrastructure Could Reduce Maintenance Costs, Help Landlords Compete By Lara O’Keefe, Bisnow 

“Smart building infrastructure could help landlords compete for tenants in the near future…Smart building infrastructure has already been implemented in some buildings in the form of utility submetering and equipment monitoring, including HVAC, boilers, printers, air quality sensors, refrigeration monitoring and more. The trend is likely to filter down to the commercial real estate industry as landlords use IoT information to compete by providing prospective tenants with data on building performance.”


Which Office Markets Offer the Best Value to Investors? By Patricia Kirk, National Real Estate Investor

“The U.S. office market has gained a lot of momentum over the last eight years, with many markets now reporting low vacancies and record-high rents. The bottom line for investors, however, is each market’s value in terms of return on investment (ROI) relative to pricing.”


In Brief: Can Growth in Health Care and Other Categories Save America’s Malls? By Brett Widness, Urban Land Institute 

 “A new report from CBRE highlights that the two categories occupying the most space in U.S. malls—department stores at 48.7 percent of gross leasable area, and apparel, accessories, and shoes at 29.4 percent—also posted relatively tepid retail-sales growth from 2011 to 2016.”


Economy Watch: Report Suggests Malls Need a New Tenant Mix By D.C. Stribling, Commercial Property Executive

 “While department stores and apparel retailers occupy the most space in U.S. malls, they also posted relatively tepid sales growth in recent years, notes a new CBRE report.”