August 16, 2017

Real Estate Forgot to Take a Summer Vacation…AND MORE

Real estate forgot to take a summer vacation, By Ethan Rothstein, Bisnow

“In commercial real estate, August is traditionally the slow season when business drags on as people come and go from the office to the beach, mountains or some foreign country for a family vacation. But this summer is marching to the beat of its own drum. With the first two weeks of August complete, nothing has slowed down, and the market is as active as ever.”


Aldi Testing Online Delivery With Instacart In 3 Cities, By Jarred Schenke, Bisnow

“San Francisco-based Instacart will allow customers to order groceries from Aldi online and get them at home in as little as an hour. If successful in the three pilot cities, Aldi will roll out the program across the country, Aldi Vice President of Corporate Buying Scott Patton told BI.”


How important is the asset manager’s relationship with the acquisition/disposition team? By Michael Lanning,

“Clearly, it’s important that these teams be blended so everybody is working together, that both acquisitions/dispositions and asset management understand what the buy, hold or sell objectives are, whether it’s a product or a portfolio, and indeed each brings a specialized skillset to the party. When everyone is on the same page and everyone takes ownership of what their roles are, siloed mindsets are put aside in favor of a productive working relationship.”


Anchors away! The good news about big-box closings, By Daniel Halprin, Commercial Property Executive

“The reality is much more complex, however. While they raise legitimate questions about formats and the future of brick-and-mortar retail, these closings are not always bad news. Instead, the departure of a department store or big-box retailer may actually represent an opportunity for landlords. Understanding why this is the case requires a close look at retail lease structures and the complexities of co-tenancy clauses. Even beyond the balance sheet, there are potential benefits that are most clearly understood against brick-and-mortar’s evolving backdrop.”


Suburban Office Markets With Urban Settings Provide Nice Returns in U.S., By Michael Gerrity, World Property Journal

“Among the most common attributes of so-called “urban-suburban” submarkets are the presence of abundant retail, office and housing options, as well as employment opportunities, based on a survey of CBRE Research professionals in the 25 largest suburban markets.”

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