February 2, 2015

Lori Kilberg Discusses CREW Presidency, Women in Commercial Real Estate with GlobeSt.com

Headshot-lorikilbergGlobeSt.com has published a two-part Q&A with Hartman Simons partner Lori Kilberg, who discusses her CREW presidency as well as the general state of women in commercial real estate.

Here’s part one of the Q&A; below is a key excerpt:

GlobeSt.com: What are your goals for your term as CREW president?

Kilberg: My first goal is to continue CREW’s positive impact on the commercial real estate industry by increasing leadership and business opportunities for our membership. We currently have nearly 10,000 members and are located in more than 70 markets across North America. We are working with a major university to develop a leadership certification program that will be made available to all of our members at our Winter, Spring and Fall Leadership Summits.


Read part two by clicking here; below is an excerpt:

GlobeSt.com: Where do you think women in commercial real estate have made the most progress, and what remains their biggest challenge?

Kilberg: Women have unquestionably made great strides in the industry, and many have advanced to positions of influence. CREW’s collaborative approach to doing business and to “developing relationships to develop business” is one that resonates with Millennials and will continue to be an important model for the future.

Unfortunately, although there are many qualified women coming into the industry as well as in mid-level management positions, there is still much too great a discrepancy between the number of men and women in the C-suite.

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