July 18, 2017

Community Banking and Commercial Real Estate Development Lending

Current Trends and Lending Considerations


Whalen Kuller and Yvette Fallone-Tietje

Our lively roundtable discussion between Commercial Real Estate Developers, Community Bankers, and Commercial Real Estate Attorneys focused on community bank lending for commercial real estate development.  With topics discussed such as:

  • Lending Restrictions
  • Developer’s criteria in selecting an equity partner
  • Reasons to select a community bank
  • Developing borrower/lender relationships between developers and community banks
  • And much more

Our distinguished panel was comprised of:

  • Whalen Kuller, Hartman Simons, Moderator
  • Yvette Fallone-Tietje, Hartman Simons
  • Charlie Hendon, Hendon Properties
  • Marvin Banks, Banks Realty
  • Clark Hungerford, Vinings Bank
  • Chris Catone, Iberia Bank


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