May 1, 2018

Lessons on Leasing for Restaurant Operators

Hartman Simons’ Jason Cohn and Benjamin Gordon Discuss Lessons on Leasing for Restaurant Operators

By Jason Cohn and Benjamin Gordon


All of These Issues and Many Others Should Be on the Menu When You Negotiate Your Next Restaurant Lease

The best restaurateurs are good at the details: they pay attention to what ingredients go into the food, how each dish is plated and served, how much liquor is sold, and how quickly the tables turn.

They need to train that same laser focus on a critical piece of paper that can spell the difference between big profits and big headaches: the lease. The other signatory of the lease—the landlord—certainly is.

When negotiating restaurant leases for retail landlords, tenants, developers, and management companies, there are several key issues that we, as attorneys, need bear in mind. There are particular points that should be included in restaurant leases that may differ from clauses in other commercial real estate leases.

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